Hi dear,


I am happy to share some information about myself with you. As you might know by now, my name is Rashma Lalita.

In 2011 I attended a conference which was called Science and Non-Duality. I Ioved the  combination of spirituality and science. 
I felt mostly drawn to the direct experience of the topics we discussed,
so I decided to attend a Vipassana retreat. This is a 10-day silent meditation retreat in which you meditate 11 hours a day. It was my spiritual kick off so to say. 
I loved it, even though I was blown away by the noise of my mind. 
After this experience I knew there is no way back. I want to get to know the nature of reality. I want to know who I am, how all of this works and, most of all, how to be free and happy.

From that moment on I have been inspired by several different teachers: Guanca, Rupert Spira, Maartje Kopers, Anurag Gupta and Bentinho Massaro. Anurag and Benthino became dear friends to me and are still inspiring me every day. 

I recommend to everyone: gather people around you who inspire you, soak in all the information they provide and absorb the state they are in until you own it yourself. Let this  be your drive always.


follow your intuition


it will guide you all the way