Let's stand out. Be ourselves and Take the risk of failure. 
It is always more worth than losing your own sense of being, for the sake of fitting in. 


Working with me means:
You are ready to know your true desire and prioritize it. 
Actively act upon your unique qualities and be ready to face yourself.
To know yourself even better. 
Start doing things differently form the way you have always done it.
You are ready to follow that whisper inside that has been with you all the time telling  you that life can be different, more in flow, natural and in its fullest potential.

About me:
I am here to listen, invite and reflect you. 
I am a practical visionaire. I communicate clearly and directly. 
I am 100% dedicated to get you clear on your true desire and align your life to this. 

I am in. If you are in, we are a prefect match.

Name *

Before the first session we have a 15 min introductory FREE call to meet each other, introduce the way I work and see if we will be the right match. 

Three months package*: 
Four 1-hour sessions a month
Unlimited WhatsApp
€85,- per session
€340,- total

Six Months package*: 
Four 1-hour sessions a month
Unlimited WhatsApp
€80 per session
€320,- total

Single session*:
1-Hour trayout session €90,- 
1,5 -Hour trayout session €125,- 
3-Hour kick off session €200,- 

*Investment (exclusive VAT)

How does the package works?
Sessions are either online, or in person. When we do it in person I normally work with 1,5 hour sessions. 

The one on one sessions are tailored to what works best for you.

Here an example of how you could schedule your sessions..
weekly or every second week session. 
This gives you a nice continuity and keeps things rolling. 

Beside that I offer the opportunity to be working together "on the field". This means that when something comes up you can contact me directly and we look into it together.
It often doesn't take long (between 10 and 20 min) and keeps things streamlined and direct.

Feel always free to send me a message or give me a call at 0031681195766.