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Meditation course

11th of april till 23th of may

Save yourself years of practice!

There are millions of different ways to meditate and all have a different purpose.

During the meditation course I will map out 6 different practises. you will gain a clear understanding of how and when to uses this practises.
I will provide direct and simple tools that you can use for the rest of your life.



You will have a clear understanding of these 6 different meditations technics. You will be able to implement them at anytime, in the most direct and beneficial way.

meditation technics:

Get to know your true self
THE you that remains when you let go of all thoughts and rest there. To remain as that will give you total stability, peace and true understanding.

Let it burn
This is the most direct way to deal with intense emotions that come up. It is simple yet highly efficient.

This meditation will give you the tools to directly look at the core of your discomfort and heal it there.

This technic helps you create your desired reality.

Amazing form of meditation to gain new information and embody desired qualities.

By becoming aware of the subtle energy exchange you will feel connected to yourself and the other.

With a beautiful group of people you will deepen your meditation practice and understanding.
ready to dive into this adventure together join us now.


practical information:

  • Prize:
    €195,- now for €165
    members of the FB meditation group only €135,-

  • Dates:
    11th, 18th and 25th of April
    9th, 16th and 23th of May

  • Time:
    From 8pm till 9.30 pm (Central European time)

  • All sessions will be live through zoom.
    You will have lifelong access to all the content.