Current money story 

Before you start make sure you have seen the video above. 

I invite you to really describe your experience. Not just answer with yes or no. The money story you are writing should become readable without needing the questions on the side. 
Use the questions as a pointer to become aware of your money story. 

Okay, there you go. Be as honest and raw as you can. That is the only way you can rapitly grow. 
Have fun.

If you want to shrink something
you must first allow it to expend.
— Loa Tzu

How do you feel about the current amount of money in your bank account? 
Can you share something about your income? Is it just enough? More then enough? Not enough? Tell me.
Does your income grow every month or is it stagnant / all the time a bit the same?
Are you spending more money then you receive?
What are your thoughts, feelings and convictions about money?

How do you feel about sharing and giving? Is it hard or easy? Do you do it with pain or ease.
If you look at yourself do you give more then you can - like too much? Or can you give more, but you fear doing it?
What thoughts and feeling do you have when you spend money? Do you spend from a place of love or fear?

How would you describe yourself? As someone who feels rich in all areas of your life? Or someone who just manages to make it till the end of the month?
How do you think about your contribution to the world? How much is that worth?
Do you ask for the money you are worth? What are you worth?
Do you have enough work, customers and income?
Do you have the right medium through which you can express your qualities into the world?

How do you receive? Is it easy for you? Or super hard and uncomfortable?

How often do your do things for money that you don't like doing?
Are there things that you would love doing but you don't because you do not have enough money?
Do you worry often about money?
What feelings and thoughts do you have when you see people who have more money then you do?

How did your parents think about money? What did they teach you? How did they spend their money?
And your partners? What where their believes around money? And friends etc.

In which area of your life do you experience a lack of something?
Do you talk about the lack you experience in your life?

In which area in your life do you experience an abundance? Are you able to share that abundance? 

Hi, how was it? Clarifying? Confronting? Scary? Exciting? 
To me it was a little hard in the beginning, because I had such a strong belief that as soon as I should write those lack believes down, they would manifest even more. In my experience it works the opposite. As soon as I allowed the belief to surface, see them and be with it, they already lose power. 

If you want to get rid of something
you must first allow it to flourish.
— Loa Tzu