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Drop it all - One day Spaarnwoude

  • 10 Kerkweg Spaarndam, NH, 2064 KP Netherlands (map)
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What if you drop everything for one day?

Drop your labels
Drop your ideas
Drop your fantasies

Let go of doing
Let go of all you know
Give it all up

What is left?
What is most natural to you?
Who are you behind all labels?

Rest there. 
Be there.

What happens then?
- Clarity on simplicity of life
- Feel at home with silence
- Know who you naturally are
- Be yourself regardless of the environment
- Effortless following your flow
- Sense of coming home

For who?
You are an open being, perceiving the world with curious eyes. You enjoy meditation and look forward to deepening it - and/or are excited about turning more inwards. You love the present moment. The idea of silence, simplicity and nature makes you sigh: ‘finally!’. You can’t wait to let go of control and surrender to the non-linear flow of life. You are excited to experience the magic of life with a like-minded tribe.

Feels like coming home?
Join us on a journey to drop it all and to move into your natural being. A day filled with silence, meditation, inspiration and exploration. 


We create a warm environment in which you will be seen, taken care of and transform.

Eva Driessen (facilitator) 
My existence is mostly about spreading silence and surrender to the adventure of this life. I take people on adventures, out of their comfort zones and into silence: at times through motion, at times motionless. Ive hosted several silence retreats; in silence, mud settles and there comes space for clarity and freedom. Using nature as the perfect example to constantly invite people to realize everything is already here. 

Rashma Lalita Brands (facilitator) 
I work intuitively with a clear direction. I make people aware. I see, sense and shine a spotlight on what's most natural and joyful to people. I am a purpose activator and inspiration integrator. I help people connect and embody their most fulfilling inspiration.

For more information please contact one of us. 
Email Eva at or call Rashma at 0031681195766.

Investment (incl. tax)
Early bird €55,-
Normal bird €65,-