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Your Way - autumn edition - Sold out

  • Spaarnwoude The Netherlands (map)

Holding back, having low energy, not fully living the life you know is possible and being a bit frustrated and insecure about that.. Can you relate? 

Give yourself permission to stand up for yourself and to share your qualities. It's time to stop waiting and to come out of your bubble. Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

So, what is your way? What is your flavour? 

We don’t know. And we can’t tell you. Nobody can. 
You have to find it out yourself. Learn to listen to yourself. 
But you don't have to do it on your own. 
Embark on a journey with us, surround yourself with cheerleaders - a group of beautiful people. Start living the dream. 
A journey provided with focus, inspiration, concentration and questions. We provide an environment in which you dive into your way. There is no hiding in this training - it will flip your life around, no way back :) 

It won’t be easy. We will shake you up, confront you with your beliefs, get you out of your comfortzone. This is not for people who are in victimhood - blaming others and circumstances for not having the life you wish to have. This is for creators who know they are responsible for what they see and feel. You are ready to give and to make a change. 

You get clarity on what you want and you are going for it.
You know what you’re capable of and you are living it. 
You can deal with fear and insecurity. 
Your environment brings out the best in you.
You trust and surrender yourself to your intuition.

NOTE: This is not a magic pill - you need to do the work. It’s up to you, and then..

Magic becomes real.
Flow becomes normal.
Love becomes usual. 

Thank you.

What other people say about this training:

'I did not even dare to dream that this would gain this much results, so fast. This was a lifechanging event.' - Sander Koppelaar

'In this training I've found a new family with the motto: everything is possible!' I've experienced so much support and safety, to have the courage to jump.' - Noralie Brandsma

'The most beautiful gift you can give yourself is the time, space and tools to become more you. This is what this training gave me.' - Bart Roovers

'A super valuable training that helps you reminding your dreams and brings you back to yourself. Do this.' - Maike Koolhaas


3 day all inclusive kick-off weekend
2 day all inclusive weekend
2 training days incl. vegetarian lunch
3 webinars
2 private sessions of 1 hour
Accountability through a buddy system

DAY 1 (31-08 Kickoff-weekend): Brilliance
On this day you become clear on what is natural to you and what makes you shine your brilliance.

DAY 2 (01-09 Kickoff-weekend): Fear
Shift lack beliefs, get out of your comfortzone and gain insights to stop holding yourself back.

DAY 3 (02-09 Kickoff-weekend): Intuition
Get in touch with your deeper sense of knowing - learn to connect with it, listen to it and act upon it.

DAY 4 (30-09): Environment
Design your environment that supports your brilliance.

DAY 5 & 6 (3/4-11 weekend): Lead
This day the floor is yours, you take the lead (present, guide, perform, invite) - it’s up to you how to share your gift.

DAY 7 (30-11): Harvest
Deepen, reflect, and continue.

EVENING (schedule together): Re-connect
An evening to enjoy, share and reflect.

Investment (excl. tax):
Kick-off price for 3 months program: 
Private/Entrepreneur: €1200,-
Business: €1650,-

The price is including:
- Accomodation for two weekends
- Nourishing meals
- Training tools
- Guidance by Eva & Rashma
- Unlimited support in FB group
- Feedback sessions with a buddysystem
- 2 one on one sessions

Payment in terms is possible, contact us!

 Sign up

Is your heart bumping and you feel super excited like us? Than it's probably your time for your way. You can sign up by sending a short motivation letter/video to


We work with a small, select group of people (only 8) who feel committed and ready to get the best possible results. Depending on the participants, this program will be held in Dutch or English.

Both of us have been preparing for this program by investing in personal development, coaching and training for years.

Want to know more about us? 

'When one is serious, the other becomes funny. When one is dreaming big, the other one becomes practical. They create a nice, safe, authentic environment in which I feel so seen and in which I automatically become unstoppable.' - Noralie Brandsma

'Rashma and Eva are living examples. That so much richness, deepening, and pleasure is even possible. I am super grateful that these two work together.' - Maike Koolhaas

'Eva and Rashma are both beautiful wise women, filled with knowledge and energy that is recognizable and resonates on all levels. Their questions and exercises were very deepening and powerful.' – Lydia Kliphuis

'Super strong team. To me Eva offers softness, tranquility and the assurance that everything is already OK. Rashma gives the right pushes at the right time.' - Sander Koppelaar

“They have reminded me that all the answers are inside of me. They are truly themselves.” Raymond Janssen

My existence is mostly about spreading silence and surrender to the adventure of this life. I take people on adventures, out of their comfort zones and into silence: at times through motion, at times motionless. In silence, mud settles and there comes space for clarity and freedom. Using nature as the perfect example to constantly invite people to realize everything is already here. 

I work intuitively with a clear direction. I make people aware. I see, sense and shine a spotlight on what's most natural and joyful to people. I am a purpose activator and inspiration integrator. I help people connect and embody their most fulfilling inspiration.


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